About Campaigns Academy

It is a mentorship program that requires a minimum 2-month internship. The student intern will undergo intensive training on how to develop, conduct, and see the campaign outcome during the internship.

Campaigns Academy is created by PAGEONE Group, the Philippine’s most awarded PR agency. It was created to help students find more meaning about their internship. PAGEONE will accept student who will dedicate their internship hours in creating meaningful campaigns.

The internship will follow a rigid calendar of daily activities where each student will be guided step-by-step on how a campaign is created, conducted and concluded.
The student must be able to understand how a campaign is run from ideation to reporting.

The program is open to student with 200-internship hours as each student is expected to run a complete campaign from start to finish.

The grading system will be discussed to the student at the start of the internship so they are guided on how they are being graded.